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We began researching dyslexia several years ago, when we were educators in the public schools, because we noticed that the struggling readers we were working with were demonstrating similar and unusual patterns of struggle and that they were not improving with traditional best practices in reading instruction.

It is a relief on our part to finally be able to assist these students with a very real language processing disorder (dyslexia) which they share with 20% of the general population.

It's a joy knowing that, at last, we have a sure way to bring those students up to grade level in reading, writing, and spelling, using best practices—supported by mountains of research—for people with dyslexia.

For those who have struggled in learning to read, write, and spell by traditional methods, we would like to share the heartening news that there is a way to succeed. We would like to help.


After a rich variety of careers, including living and working abroad and serving in the military, I ended up in the Masters program at the University of Colorado Denver, where I made a permanent career change, becoming a teacher with K-8 Certification in Colorado. After ten years of teaching in the public schools, including time as a Literacy Specialist working with struggling readers, I turned my attention to tutoring children who have dyslexia. As a Certified Dyslexia Tutoring Specialist, I have over 15 years of success stories, which has confirmed my certitude that I’m in the right place.

I believe that all children can learn to read. But sadly, they don’t always succeed in school. Because of their unique brain structure and genetic makeup, typical of the difference we call dyslexia, my students work 2-3 times harder than all the other students just to keep up. For that reason, I commend these precious children. My students have historically grown to be very successful in school because they received the right kind of reading and spelling tutoring, which, thanks to dyslexia research, differs in important ways from how it is traditionally taught at school.

This is my passion. I want to see my students grow up to see themselves as capable learners, talented in countless ways, and successful readers. The one-to-one tutoring environment and your commitment as parents are the best investments you could give your child.

Nothing would be more satisfying to me than to share learning time with your child. It would fill my heart.

"In 10 months working with Kathy our daughter's reading and writing skills have improved exponentially. We've seen her scores at school go from below grade level to excelling above average. Not only have we seen her academics improve, but this has boosted her confidence."


I’m Maggie Pike, M.A., Colorado certified K-12 teacher, certified Teacher of English Language Learners, Literacy Specialist, and Certified Dyslexia Tutoring Specialist.

To my five grown children, I’m Mom; to my two preschool-aged grandchildren, Mimi. To my students, I’m Ms. Maggie.

I arrived at an understanding of dyslexia when I saw that some reading students, even after many years of traditional literacy instruction, couldn’t read, or read with great struggle. After a way-too-long journey of research, research, research, I finally had a name for their lack of success: dyslexia. But the schools didn’t want to hear that word.

These little ones, so excited to learn, so eager to please, did everything their beloved teacher told them to do and couldn’t understand why their classmates could do it, but they couldn’t. Through the years, they were hearing themselves described as stupid and lazy. Their reading didn’t get better over time, so some of them just gave up. Others clowned around. Got angry. The lucky ones were able to fake it -- until they couldn’t anymore.

I promised myself that no child under my care would be victim to those untrue, defeating words. I sent myself to training and began tutoring children who have dyslexia, changing students’ lives forever, one child at a time. I partnered with fellow educator Kathy Root, and together we have done exactly that. In fact, the first thing we do when we meet new students is to affirm their strengths as they see them, things they love to do and are good at. These are gifts that are typical of people with dyslexia, and we assure them that they will grow up to do great things with those very gifts.

Nothing energizes me more than those little glimmers of “finally getting it” that I see daily in my students. And in the bigger picture, watching them become confident in their abilities, seeing them finally get power over the words that used to have power over them, celebrating with them the success they weren’t able to attain before…well, it’s my reason for being.

"Maggie helped our son go from only knowing the alphabet to reading!!! His school wanted to keep him in 3rd grade, but with his hard work & Maggie’s amazing support and teaching abilities, he was able to move onto 4th grade. Not only that she is an amazing teacher but is also a warm, loving, dedicated person that really cared for my family right away."

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