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Children with dyslexia learn differently.

We specialize in the ONLY system proven to help children with dyslexia reach grade level skills.

We specialize in the ONLY approach proven to effectively remediate dyslexia.

There are five necessary criteria bring the reading, writing, and spelling skills of a child with dyslexia up to grade level. When you hire a Dyslexia Rx tutor, you can expect:

The Right System.

Research has shown that an Orton-Gillingham remediation system is the only system proven to be effective for people with dyslexia.

We have met many children as well as adults suffering from low self-esteem — shamed by false negative thoughts that they are stupid, incapable, and lazy — because traditional methods of teaching do not work for them. The truth is dyslexia comes with some gifts that make for a unique expression of brilliance. We just need to get those reading skills handled so your child has a fair shot in school and beyond.

The Right Tutor.

Our tutors at Dyslexia Rx are the most experienced dyslexia specialists in Colorado.

Our tutors have Masters level education in literacy, language, and learning differences, decades of experience as classroom teachers, and have been dyslexia tutors in private practice for nearly 20 years. Most importantly for your child, we are specifically certified and highly trained in the Orton-Gillingham system. Many practitioners mix and match methodologies, which causes confusion for the child and simply doesn’t bring about remediation. You can count on us to deliver the right approach to bring your child to or beyond grade-level reading.

The Right Intensity.

We will meet with your child at least twice a week for one hour per session — the sweet spot for optimal results.

Infrequent or inconsistent tutoring simply does not yield results, which is frustrating and costly. Longer sessions diminish in effectiveness because hours at a time is just too long for a child with dyslexia (and, in 40% of cases, there’s ADHD along with the dyslexia.) Our commitment is doing what it takes for your child to be successful.

The Right Setting.

Tutoring at Dyslexia Rx is always one-on-one.

Group settings either slow the pace for the majority of students or move to quickly, leaving those who need extra time and attention behind. This is one reason classroom settings are difficult for children with dyslexia and it's also why we don't do group sessions. Your child deserves specialized attention with private tutoring.

The Right Duration.

We stick with your child until they are at or beyond grade level, typically 18-36 months.

If this sounds like a long time, remember your child has their entire life in front of them and, if not properly addressed, living with dyslexia can cause unneccesary struggle throughout every stage. While there is no "quick fix" when it comes to dyslexia, your child CAN become a competent and confident reader. Let's rewrite your child's story, staring now.

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The first step in getting started with tutoring is to have a quick intro call with a specialist.

Dyslexia Rx is located in Centennial, CO. We currently serve our students onsite locally. If you need tutoring elsewhere or remotely, we are happy to provide you with a referral.

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