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We knew something was different about our bright daughter in preschool. She just was not putting together her work like the other students and by the time she was in first grade she was already behind. So we started the very time consuming and very expensive journey of testing and alternative therapies and various tutoring and holding her back in school all to no avail. She still could not read or write and we felt like failures. Finally we came upon the signs and symptoms of dyslexia through the Susan Barton website and my daughter fit all the characteristics. After testing positive for dyslexia we found Kathy Root and our child's life turned around. Kathy came to our home three times a week for over two years and gave our daughter the gift of reading and understanding. Kathy became like family and our daughter looked forward to her visits. For the first time our daughter felt like she was understood and felt success. Kathy was kind, gentle, and could read a child's personality and moods to know what would be the best approach for the day. She is dedicated and committed to her students and extremely supportive and patient beyond measure. She is very knowledgeable in her skill and has high expectations for your child and will not waste your time or money. The Barton Program was a perfect fit for our daughter since it is very visual and kinesthetic which is exactly her learning style. Our child is now a Jr in high school and reading (language Arts) is her strongest subject and her standardized test for that area is points away from the above proficient category. Kathy has the gift of teaching and to see our daughter hanging out at the library and reading a good book warms our hearts and know we were blessed with Kathy Root. It is already decided that Kathy will be standing with our daughter when she accepts her high school diploma! We have tried it all and without a doubt we highly recommend the Susan Barton Program and tutor Kathy Root.

—God Bless You,The Gibbs Family

My daughter and I "fought" through years of trying to teach her to read. There were tears spilled on both our faces. I didn't understand why she couldn't retain the information, as I didn't have these issues. I love reading, I'd rather read than watch TV! I knew there was a problem and finally had her tested in the summer of 2011. She was already 13 and I was told that she had a narrow window of time left to learn to read and to get the most out of it.I think she was at a 3rd grade reading level at that time, but she had missed lots of key things even at that level.

I was at my wits end. I was afraid she'd never learn the joy of reading. I thought we'd tried everything, we even did phonics. She couldn't participate in class, she tried to hide that she couldn't read from her friends, and worst of all she thought she was dumb. I knew she wasn't dumb, but I couldn't convince her. Anyway, I heard about the Barton System and that Kathy was a wonderful tutor from a friend of mine who's daughter was in a similar situation. So I called Kathy and my daughter started tutoring in September, 2011.

Three months later my daughter was having a sleepover and I heard her reading to her friends and having a great time, laughing and giggling! I went to my room and cried, I've never been so happy. I called Kathy to tell her thank you, together the two of them had accomplished the impossible. They continued the tutoring and within a year and a half she was at a 10th grade reading level.

This is the best and most important thing that's ever happened to my daughter. Kathy understands the difficulties these kids are facing, their emotional standing, and how to move forward. My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner. I urge parents to do this at an early age of their children's lives, there's no reason they should ever feel how my daughter did.


We have two children with Dyslexia. Kathy Root of Dyslexia RX performed the testing for both our children and provided a very professional, thorough report that not only helped us to understand Dyslexia more fully, but has been invaluable in talking with the school about ways to help our Dyslexic children in the classroom setting. Kathy also does one-on-one tutoring with both children. Our son is entering 4th grade and has nearly completed the tutoring program. The progress we have seen him make through the tutoring in reading and spelling has been amazing! Our daughter is entering 2nd grade. She still has a ways to go in her program, but we can also see significant improvement in her reading and spelling. The best part for us has been seeing the self-confidence grow in both our children, so that they feel better about themselves and are not nearly so intimidated in school. Kathy has done an amazing job and we highly recommend her! In fact we have recommended her to a few friends with Dyslexic children and they love her too! Thank you, Kathy!

—Teresa and Sam Kennedy

Kathy worked miracles with our Dyslexic son. Near the end of his Kindergarten year we discovered he was Dyslexic, he did not know his letters or numbers and struggled with putting letters together for words - he was far behind the rest of his class and it was showing in his level of confidence and self esteem. He was very aware he was not catching on. We found Kathy through a friend who also has Dyslexic children. She did in one summer what a year of school could not. By the start of 1st grade he was reading words and began earning "excellent" on his spelling tests. Our son's confidence is through the roof and he will enter the second grade ahead of many of his classmates all due to Kathy's skill and expertise.

—Laura Rohling

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